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Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

All vets are required to do at least 35 hours per year of CPD to improve and update their skills. As specialists we are constantly undertaking this as we have to be up to date with all the recent literature in our subject area and make sure that trainee specialists learn in an evidence based environment. This week has been busy, as well as working on the leadership course, my team delivered an interactive CPD evening on Wednesday, and I have registered for two annual conferences. ESTRO which focuses on radiation oncology, and ESVONC which promotes veterinary oncology in Europe. #veterinary oncology

Leadership in veterinary oncology

Before I start with this, I should introduce myself. I am a veterinarian, my primary duty of care is to animals and their welfare. Within this, I am a specialist in small animal oncology, which allows me the opportunity to be an educator, an advocate and a leader. I adore this career, which allows me to work with so many motivated, caring colleagues and clients and I honestly cannot think of anything I would rather do.